• We have started Organic Sujuk production in July 2011, Organic Calf/Chicken Sausage production in June 2012 and Organic Salami production in April 2014 in Izmir.
Orvital Organic Food that relieves the mothers that try to keep their children away from sujuk, sausage and salami;

Produces organic delicatessen products processed only with salt and spices, and that do not contain any coloring agents or binding additives such as nitrate and phosphate.

Our Orvital Delicatessen Products that include sausage, sujuk and doner kebab are produced with the blending of organic beef and chicken meat with healthy spices.

We use breast meat for chicken products and boneless meat for red meat products.

All of our products are produced of organic meat and

Do not contain any preservative or additives.

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