Mothers asked, Orvital produces…

Love for rice with chicken stock generated a new product.

A consumer research made by Orvital Organic Food at chain stores has produced another new product to Orvital. Orvital, the first organic chicken breeder of Turkey produced chicken and red meat stock as well as organic vegetable stock as per directions of working mothers. The survey carried out at chain stores revealed that 80% of those buying organic chickens consists of women and 72% of the group is working. Working mothers’ reason to buy organic chicken is to cook soup and rice with chicken stock as a habit from their mothers…

Organic chicken, meat and vegetable stock put on the market with glass jar.

Turkish organic brand, Orvital Organic Food continues to produce new products for domestic market while preparing for export. Orvital organic chicken, meat and vegetable stock put on the market with glass jar are available at Migros and Macrocenter. New products in glass jars consisting of organic bone-in meat (chicken/ calf), organic vegetable and only organic spices don’t contain any additives and preservatives. Organic red meat and chicken stocks contain broccoli, leek, celery, onion, garlic and carrot.

They carry on what they see from their mothers

72% of the group buying organic meat and chicken consists of working mothers. Working mothers buy more often on Saturdays and organic chicken products. Among reasons to buy; reliability of organic chicken ranks first and taste ranks second. Working mothers buy organic chicken as a whole and cook soup and rice with its stock.

Health is bottled at reasonable price

The new product group with high nutritional value is among concrete steps taken by Orvital to overcome the perception that organic is expensive. Orvital eliminating all intermediaries concerning organic legumes and carrying products from fields to our tables, bottled health in 500 ml glass bottles and put on the market at a reasonable price range TRY 10-12 and lead the way for organic world.