* In April 2011, we have commenced Organic Veal (Cattle) Production in Ayvacik Province of Canakkale.

We feed with beestings...

In our Ayvacik facilities, our livestock mate in their natural environment and breed by themselves without any interference.

Calves that are fed with the vitamin-intensive milk referred to as “beestings”, grow in their natural environment.

We think of our children, for whom we want the best of everything, and we bring to your houses the beauties offered us by the nature, in their most natural form.

We raise in the natural environment

All our animals in Orvital wander, feed and grow in a natural farm environment.

They feed completely from the nature by eating the fruits of various herbs and trees such as of thyme, ilex, oak and knotgrass.

The taste of the meat we produce come from these curative and natural plants.

We only vaccinate our livestock; we do not use any drugs or extra treatment...

The livestock in our facilities are subjected only to the vaccines stipulated by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs.

No drug or treatment other than these are implemented.