Organic Macaroni

Having started organic pasta production in the June 2014 and made its products available in Migros, Macrocenter, Tansaş and Carrefour, Ortivital put up the organic pasta on the market in the month of July. .

With the price policy it follows for organic macaroni, Orvital once again proved that organic and healthy nutrition is accessible.

Macaroni, currently the most consumed foodstuff and the dish most loved by children, is now produced organically by Orvital.

You may think if something as organic macaroni exists.

All production processes certified by international certification organizations and supported by the Turkish Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, enable the organic production of all kinds of foodstuff.

The concept of organic food rapidly spreads all around the world with the sense of nature- and animal-friendly production, and bears a great importance for sustainable agriculture.

Organic nutrition takes children as basis.

We can lay a strong foundation for healthy generations if we ensure our children starts to eat organic food as early as possible.