Organic Egg

Egg is among the foodstuffs that have high nutritional value and economic price, and is easy to produce, practical to cook and accompanies numerous recipes. Having a significant role in child development, our eggs are obtained from the happy chicken of the happy Orvital Farm.

The chicken produced for slaughter and egg laying are of different strains in Orvital Farms, yet all of them are certified to be organic. Orvital chicken that wander in outdoor area, that eat whenever they want and are not subjected to any sort of artificial light are inspected by International Organic Certification organizations, and the ingredients used in their feedstuff are periodically sent for analysis. As a part of our principle of organic production, the circulation areas in front of the coops are certified as well as the coops themselves.

We take our job seriously, give priority to public health and make simply and only organic production.

Development of healthy generations can only be possible through healthy nutrition. If you too take your health seriously, eat organic products...