Free movement on organic soils

Organic Chicken is very different from the products referred to as Village Broiler and Natural Broiler, and should not be mistaken for these.

Our chicken move freely on the controlled area reserved for them both in and in front of their coops.

In our organic circulation areas, we have one organic chicken per 4 square meters. Within the coops there are no restrictive equipments such as cages.

The highest possible level of care is taken in our facilities in terms of animal welfare.

As a part of our principle of organic production, the circulation areas in front of the coops are certified as well as the coops themselves.

We use organic feedstuff

Orvital Organic Chicken are fed with completely organic and small quantities of natural feedstuff that do not contain GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms).

Our organic chicken are of a special strain different than the conventional chicken, and their most significant characteristic is their rather slow development.

While conventional chicken are sent to slaughter approximately at 40 - 44 days of age, our slow-developing organic chickens are sent to slaughter at minimum 81 and an average of 90 days of age.

In terms of physical properties, our organic chicken are very different than the conventional chicken. The most prominent difference is the hard bones they have. Also, due to the fact that our organic chicken wander freely all the time, it takes longer to cook their meat.

Our organic chicken production is thoroughly audited by International Organic Certification organizations (IMO Control / CERES), and the raw materials of the feedstuff we use are periodically sent for analysis.

Orvital Organic Chicken Meat do not contain any hormones, antibiotics, pesticides or heavy metals whatsoever.