Turkey’s first Organic Meat and Chicken Producer

Orvital Organic Food

We have adopted the principle “Actions speak louder than words”. By combining our sense of production that prioritizes health with organic food, we have entered the market with the decision that we would do “simply and only organic production”. This was a risky decision, however Orvital Organic Food proved how right we were by growing 5 times in all product groups and 10 times in organic chicken within a period of only 4 years.

The most significant factor in Orvital’s growth has been, without a doubt, our valuable customers. Within our history of growth where the demand triggered the supply, we had the chance to cooperate with the leading brands of Turkey’s retail chain.

Today, Orvital Organic Food’s products can be found in Hypermarkets such as Migros, Macrocenter, Carrefour, Real and Tansaş as well as places of gourmet delicacies.

All Orvital products are certified by the international certification organization called IMO Control and the Turkish Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock.

Being periodically audited by independent Organic Certification organizations (like SGS and Johnson Diversey), Orvital Organic Food aims to raise the awareness of the public in order to ensure that healthy generations will be raised, sustaining its growth.

Having been established in 2009, Orvital, further diversifies its product portfolio with every passing day.

Our Certifications